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The largest CDMO in Korea

Manufacturing process

Annual Production Capacity

We have become the best penicillin manufacturer in Korea grounded on the largest production plant for making all forms of penicillin products, our years of experience producing penicillin products, continuous renovation of manufacturing facilities, and our commitment to quality innovation.

  • Penicillin plant Annual production Capacity
  • Injection plant Annual production Capacity

Our penicillin dedicated production line is where the high-quality products are manufactured under strict regulations in accordance with the quality assurance system, upgraded to the largest capacity in Korea.

Formulation Line classification Unit Current annual production
Batch Quantity
Content: Solid formulation Tablet 375mg Tablet 250 125,000,000
Syrup 50mL bottle 250 10,000,000
Injection Lyophilization Lyophilization Machine No. 1 24Ø Vial 55 2,970,000
Lyophilization Machine No. 2 55 2,970,000
Lyophilization Machine No. 3 55 2,970,000
Powder Powder Filling Machine No. 1 24Ø Vial 200 16,000,000
Powder Filling Machine No. 2 200 16,000,000