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The largest CDMO in Korea

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Annual Production Capacity

As we relentlessly strive towards innovative quality with various pharmaceutical development pipelines, we are making a quantum leap to become the best CMO acknowledged in overseas markets such as the US and the EU, let alone Korea.

  • 펜믹스 R&D센터
  • 펜믹스 R&D센터

The general injection production line has the capacity to provide CMO production services on a variety of general injections including powders, liquids, lyophilizated vial injections and liquids, lyophilizated ampoule injections, and PFS (Pre-Filled Syringe).

Line classification Unit Current annual production CAPA
Batch Vial/Amp/Syringe
Vial Lyophilization
Lyophilization Machine
No. 1 (Kyohwa No. 1)
22-Ø vial 80 2,400,000
Lyophilization Machine
No. 2 (Kyohwa No. 2)
80 4,800,000
Lyophilization Machine
No. 3 & 4 (Lili No. 1 & 2)
100 12,000,000
Powder 22-Ø vial 200 10,000,000
Ampoule (Lyophilization, Liquid) 11.2Ø(1mL) Ampoule 200 12,000,000
Pre-filled Syringe 5mL Syringe
(High viscosity)
100 10,000,000